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We strive to minimize our clients’ litigation risks and exposure through regular communication, knowledgeable advice, and preventative counsel. But when litigation is inevitable, the team of seasoned trial attorneys comprising the Litigation and Appeals Practice Group is here to vigorously represent your interests and obtain results favorable to your specific needs.

Litigation, as the final step in the dispute resolution process, completes the full range of legal services that LeVander, Gillen & Miller, P.A. provides to our individual, business, and municipal clients. We are able to provide a full and balanced team of lawyers to address all aspects of your dispute. Our “team approach” to litigation optimizes the breadth of our experience and expertise.

Our litigation team works closely with you to provide sound legal advice and counsel throughout the litigation process. Before entering into any litigation, our attorneys exhaust all avenues of resolution and carefully analyze all aspects of the case, including cost. We endeavor to find creative, cost-effective solutions to disputes through skilled negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution methods when appropriate.

When litigation is unavoidable, you can trust our litigation team to vigorously and successfully represent your interests through trial and, if necessary, through appeal. We know the importance of zealous advocacy, aggressive strategy, and thorough preparation.

We Are Experienced Trial Lawyers

Our litigation team has successfully prosecuted or defended our clients’ interests in a myriad of disputes, including, but not limited to:

Commercial and Business Litigation ~ Shareholder and Partnership; Minority Shareholder; Breach of Contract; Trade Secret Misappropriation; Unfair Competition; Non-Compete Agreements; Employment Contracts; Payment for Goods and/or Services; Business Torts; Business Dissolution; Collection on Accounts and Debts; and more.

Real Estate Litigation ~ Real Estate Development; Real Estate Acquisitions and Transactions; Zoning and Land Use; Governmental Permits; Assessment Appeals; Commercial Lease Disputes; Real Estate Covenants/Restrictions; Landlord-Tenant; Property Damage; Eminent Domain; Condemnation; Loss of Going Concern; Relocation; Easements and Boundary Lines; Title Insurance Claims; Lien Priority; Construction Claims; and more.

Probate Litigation ~ Conservatorships; Guardianships; Trust Disputes; Accountings; Will Contests; Breach of Fiduciary Duty; Conversion; Undue Influence, Lack of Capacity, Duress or Misrepresentation; and more.


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