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Clients often first come to us saying “we need wills” or “I need a trust”. Although the documents we prepare are important aspects of what we do, they are only one part of a bigger picture.

At LeVander, Gillen & Miller, P.A. we take the view that estate planning is a process designed, first and foremost, to meet your goals and establish your intent with respect to who gets your assets and legacy when you die and secondly to do so in a tax and financially beneficial way.

We have seen far too many cases where clients have signed overly complicated documents that they don’t understand or that have been improperly implemented. We have seen clients with wonderful probate avoidance documents have to go through probate because they were never told how to properly set up their assets to make the documents work. We have seen clients who have created more headaches by trying to avoid probate with beneficiary changes and jointly owned real estate than they would have suffered had they gone through probate.

We strive, through our client-centered process, to educate and inform clients about the many ways that property passes at death today and the ways that they can achieve their goals through the use of a wide variety of techniques and tools. We try, as best we can, to “keep it simple” so that our clients can have a clear picture of what they are doing, what will happen when they die, and who will be doing what. We explain the pros and cons of tax-saving techniques rather than forcing complex trusts on clients.

In addition, we don’t just focus on what happens at death. Some of the more difficult situations that a family can face involve incapacity, whether in a mentally or physically failing spouse of parent, or in trying to meet the needs of a disabled child after a parent is deceased. We have many years of experience in guardianship and conservatorship law, setting up supplemental needs trusts and using powers of attorney and health care directives to tackle these challenging issues.

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